Complete AED training solution

In collaboration with Stiv Trade, we will soon launch a complete AED training solution based on mobile devices, iPhones and iPads. Three months ago, we introduced our AED Trainer iPad app, which simulates existing live automated external defibrillators. The app has turned out to be very successful in the iTunes store, so now we are pushing the limits even further.

Soon we will introduce a new iPhone application, which will function as a wireless remote control for the AED Trainer on the iPad. It will allow the instructor to change scenarios on the fly, as well as simulate various conditions, such as battery failure and poor pads contact. Furthermore, we will soon open pre-orders for our custom iPad training pads, which can be used with any CPR manikins.

We tested our complete AED training solution during a CPR&AED course for medical students, and it proved to be very successful. Medical students using our solution during training gave us a lot of positive feedback, which motivated us to bring our new products to you as fast as possible.

Take a look at a video and some photos of medical students using our AED training solution.