FAST uses our AED trainer for CPR&AED courses

First Aid Student’s Team (FAST) is an independent volunteer project started by medical students of University of Zagreb School of Medicine in order to educate students in resuscitation and management of trauma. During the last six years, this organisation has trained more than 400 medical students to react appropriately and promptly to some of the most common life-threatening conditions, such as – cardiac arrest, aspiration of a foreign body, loss of consciousness, etc.

Since FAST exists solely because of highly motivated young people who generously donate their time to teach others and make a difference, each opportunity to save money is highly appreciated. For this reason, and the fact that they adore modern mobile technology, their team of instructors chose our AED training solution based on iPads and iPhones for all of their CPR&AED courses.

Here is what they say about our mobile applications:

With the AED iPad application, self-adhesive electrodes, which connect directly to the iPad, are used. The costs of a training AED and an iPad are almost the same, but an iPad can be used for many other functions, aside from our AED simulator. This marriage between technology, software, and education has proved to be an excellent solution for projects such as StEPP (First Aid Student Team).

With the application for iPad, it is possible to use another application for the iPhone, using the iPhone as an AED remote. With the help of the iPhone AED Remote, the instructor can wirelessly control (via Bluetooth) the AED iPad application – the instructor can modify or change the scenario and rhythms in real time, to simulate an empty AED battery or incorrectly connected electrodes, for example.

Throughout our course, we used this new method of training and we found that it was extremely well received by our students, thus demonstrating that this approach to education and technology seems to be very effective.

Here are some photos from one of FAST CPR&AED courses: