Save a life like a PRO!

Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation with educational videos
and receive help in real emergency with CPR coaching and feedback.

CPR PRO is your best co-rescuer

CPR PRO was developed in collaboration with professional rescuers who perform CPR on a regular basis. It helps both lay and professional rescuers to deliver CPR according to guidelines, and offer the best chances of survival and good recovery to the victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

Learn CPR


  • Watch educational videos to learn new skills
  • Regularly refresh your knowledge
  • Be prepared and ready for an emergency

Save a life

CPR can triple survival chances

  • Alert Emergency Medical Services
  • Receive help during training and emergency
  • Benefit from CPR coaching and feedback
  • Deliver good quality CPR
  • Suitable for lay and professional rescuers
  • Appropriate for one or more rescuers

Monitor & Debrief

  • Review recorded CPR data
  • Improve training and performance
  • Conduct research
  • Easy sync with any computer

Watch videos to learn more



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CPR PRO features include:

  • Compliance with the latest 2010 international CPR science guidelines
  • Educational videos demonstrating CPR and other first aid skills
  • Instant access to CPR guide

  • Call for help from the app
  • Instant access to CPR coaching
  • Visual and audio prompts
  • Metronome to pace chest compressions
  • Rate detection of actual compressions
  • Detection of number of compressions
  • Prompts to give two rescue breaths over 1 second, after the detection of 30 chest compressions
  • Prompts to pace ventilation, when the airway is secured (10 per minute)
  • Prompt to check patient every 2 minutes
  • Stopwatch running continuously, helping you keep track of time (regularly reassess the victim, deliver defibrillation and drugs, change rescuer roles, etc.)
  • Two modes of operation, 30:2 and PRO – to be used when the airway is secured or if unwilling/unable to provide mouth-to-mouth ventilations
  • Recording of compression data
  • Review of compression data on the phone
  • Synchronization of compression data to a computer via iTunes or email
  • Elegant and soothing design
  • Designed to work with CPR PRO cradle for iPhone, soon to be available from Ivor Medical
  • Basic Life Support algorithm with photographs
  • Complete Instructions for Use
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Heart disease is a leading cause of death worldwide. Half of all heart disease deaths can be attributed to SCA, a situation in which the heart abruptly stops working, so no blood can be pumped to the rest of the body. If SCA is not treated immediately, it causes sudden cardiac death (SCD). However, survival of SCA is possible. Administering CPR can double a victim’s chance of survival. Unfortunately, research shows that only about 1 in every 3 SCA victims receive bystander CPR. Most cases of SCA happen at home or work, so you can easily witness a member of your family or a coworker collapse.

Don’t be the one who doesn’t know what to do!

Get trained in CPR today and use CPR PRO as your trustworthy corescuer.

NOTE: CPR PRO is not a substitute for accredited CPR course. In fact it is made for use by trained individuals. Prior to use of CPR PRO app, carefully read instructions for use.

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