CPR PRO Cradle

CPR PRO Cradle

Coming soon!

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CPR PRO Cradle is in its final stage of development and will be available soon. Currently, we are conducting scientific research to test its benefits. Please contact us to participate in our research.


CPR PRO Cradle is our patent pending invention, which allows rescuers to deliver good quality chest compressions during CPR. It primarily allows rescuers to hold their hands in a natural position while performing this hard task. Rescuers grasp the two sides of the device with their palms, so that their hands are in line with their shoulders. Due to this natural hand position, it takes less power to perform accurate compressions and rescuers get tired less quickly. For this reason they can perform good quality compressions for longer periods of time, which is of crucial importance since CPR sometimes results in success after more than 30 or 60 minutes.

CPR PRO Cradle with iPhoneAlthough CPR PRO Cradle by itself brings benefits to performance of external chest compressions, its full potential is realized when an electronic device which has an accelerometer or other type of system which can track movements is added to it. The invention thus can serve as a kind of carrier of such devices which are placed in the slot on its upper surface. Electronic devices such as iPhone with our CPR PRO application can be used for monitoring and providing feedback on the regularity of performance of external chest compressions. With the help of accelerometers, such devices can determine the frequency and depth of compressions performed by rescuers and provide them with audio, visual and tactile feedback to enable them to adjust their actions according to international guidelines.

CPRO cradle & app